Worst things to say after sex

worst things to say after sex

Worst Things To Say After Sex. Six Things You Should Never, Ever Tell Her After Doing The Deed. Dan Reitman. September 10, Share. Tweet. 0. Shares. True story here: While my wife and I were dating, I fell asleep at her place after sex. I woke up about 3 am and got ready to go. My wife (gf) says. 4/10/ AM, ** Worst thing to say after sex..**. irisheyesmoore. Over 7, Posts!! (7,) Aurora, CO 45, joined Oct. , I'm sure you either HAVE  What is the worst thing you can say right after sex ?.


Jackie Hill Perry on the Worst Thing To Say to a Friend Who Tells You They're Same-Sex Attracted Post-coital chats are a high art form, one that takes a gentle, playful nature and social acumen. Some can pull off a breathy, “Damn, that was hot,” before they fall. 30 Of the Most Awful Things Anyone's Ever Said After Sex the absolute worst, though, and you have to suffer their inane, awkward lines after the deed is done. "The worst thing you can ever say or talk about to a guy after sex is mentioning anything remotely about, related to, or concerning his mother. worst things to say after sex

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